Specifications - General Specs


Casement or side-hung ventilators which swing outward, have hinges, locking handles, sill operators, or simplex hardware as required by project specifications. Ventilators may also be designed to open inward and have hinges, simplex hardware and a sill pull.


Projected-out ventilators shall have top rail sliding downward and the bottom rail swinging outward and upward. Projected-in ventilators shall have bottom rail sliding upward and the top rail swinging inward and downward.


Double hung ventilators can be raised and lowered within a double channel frame, the bottom unit within the inner channel and the upper unit within the outward channel (upper unit to be lowered for maintenance purposes by the release of retaining angles located at the bottom of each upper ventilator). Positioning of ventilators in the frame controls the amount of ventilation. Closing requires both units to be fully extended and locked at the horizontal center rail. Single hung ventilator requires that the upper exterior unit be non-operable, and that the lower unit be operable.


Glass contractors must make templates and check all measurements from the completed window and not from the window shop drawings. Windows can be prepared for either glazing compound or manufacturer's standard metal bead glazing. Factory glazing may be available, consult individual manufacturers. Steel window frames are designed to complement watertight glazing systems. The use of weep holes through glazed areas to drain accidental moisture is not recommended. Weep holes admit wind driven moisture to an otherwise dry glazed surface and create a source for air infiltration.


Manufacturing members of the SWI can supply a wide range of accessories for installation and operation of steel windows. They include: insect screens, associated components such as trim and mullions, mechanical operators, and anchor clips. In addition to manufacturers' standard designs, custom or modified designs can be supplied by individual manufacturers. Inquire with individual manufacturers for designs.