Founded in 1920, the Steel Window Institute (SWI) is an association of the leading manufacturers of windows and doors made from hot-rolled purpose-made steel sections. Companies that are members of SWI represent over 300 collective years in the industry, and comply with the voluntary specifications for steel windows and doors. These specifications establish a standard of excellence by including rigorous testing to meet air, water and structural requirements.

This website provides the public with general and technical information covering the industry's products. Users of steel windows and doors benefit from the continual advances made by SWI member companies in the design, manufacture, and application of these products, which lead the industry in terms of proven durability, strength, function and aesthetics.

SWI provides its most up to date Steel Windows and Doors Specifications and Detention Specifications that help define the minimum performance requirements of steel windows and doors and meet the needs of architects, specifiers, homeowners, and developers. The specifications cover many varieties of steel windows, whether fixed, ventilated, hot-rolled, cold formed, fire rated, or blast- and hurricane-resistant. Also covered are several types of entrance and interior doors and custom formed steel elements. Not only do the SWI specifications provide clear instructions on the intent, performance, and construction of steel windows and doors, they also provide a reference to the quality and standards which should be applied to the material and product. Proprietary specifications produced by each SWI member are available from individual members upon request.

Generations of architects have selected steel windows and doors manufactured by members of SWI for use in virtually every conceivable setting, from traditional and historical structures to the most contemporary homes and buildings. Architects worldwide have relied on the unique, timeless qualities found only in steel windows and doors to create residential homes and commercial buildings which can evoke classic, old-world themes or bold, challenging statements.